About Olomax


What is Olomax?

It is an innovative marketing tool: a holographic projector capable of reproducing three-dimensional moving images that are perceived as floating in the air.

The realistic effect of the images increases by far the communicative aspect; anyone will be able to promote their products/services anywhere with a visual effect never seen before.

Thanks to the remote control system of the information transmitted/provided you can update your promotional campaigns from the comfort of your office, such as for a web campaign. Thanks to its patented technology, Olomax is at the top of this sector.

Our technology

Our systems are based on patented technology. An active beam splitter made up of seven layers of isometric materials that ensures utmost transparency and, at the same time, the correct degree of reflection and deflection by providing a highly defined image projection, perceived as three-dimensional.

About us

Contactum Ltd, created in 1995, is a Swiss company located in Lugano (in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland).

Working in the high tech field (multimedia, information technology and optics) Contactum has developed and patented a new technology giving life to a new brand named Olomax.

Our mission

Develop and make available the most innovative and attractive solutions; for today and tomorrow. We aim to be a professional and reliable partner to help grow our clients' business and develop their marketing campaigns to success.

Our added value is represented by a vast experience in marketing, as well as the ability to create tailored intelligent technical and managerial solutions, highly integrated to the company and to the area of residence or settlement.

Contactum ensures that requests and customer expectations are always taken into account in the planning and implementation of projects, in order to increase customer satisfaction. It is our belief that customer satisfaction depends, not only in the intrinsic technical quality of the service provided, but also on a whole a set of factors and variables involved in the supply relationship, such as respect, professionalism, timeliness, specificity, reliability, transparency and collaboration.

Our team

Contactum is a company within which professionals with diverse experiences in different areas operate with expertise.

The plurality of experiences constitutes the real added value of Contactum that is able to respond to the many business needs and offer the companies customers a flexible range of possible solutions available both internally and on the market.


Our systems are all assembled internally and this allows us to guarantee absolute quality. An extensive network of qualified international suppliers and partners allows us to respond to all requests as quickly as possible even for significant volumes.

Research and development

Research and development are the cornerstones of Contactum and fortunately coincide exactly with the passion of those who founded and run it. The pleasure and satisfaction of creating something that did not exist, which is then appreciated by the market, which in turn can spur new needs, is its engine.