Different models have been designed to satisfy and stimulate different market needs.

This model is designed to reproduce holograms of large dimensions. Made of iron, steel and aluminum it supports an 80 inch high definition display and a high performance patented beam splitter while maintaining a minimal and captivating design. It is designed for internal/indoor use to be placed in open plan/space offices.

The oloshop is a high end marketing tool alternative. It enables one to create an innovative means of promotion with a high emotional impact. It is intended as a full size promotional tool that allows a 3D holographic representation of a product covering a relevant area of a shop window. Incorporating Oloshop's most advanced technology is fully customizable in terms of color and size and is designed to create an unforgettable/memorable impression on potential customers thanks to its patented beam splitter.

The olomax essence is truly highlighted by the simplicity of this model. Inside a sober and elegant professional frame, attention is totally focused on the product displayed. It is a cost effective, modular solution, in that different bodies can be assembled to create a multi-level display or a larger stage. Its linear shape and the high-end production standards make it the "perfect cube". The color is matt black and can be customized.

We can on request customize existing products or design from scratch solutions able to respond appropriately to the needs of the customer. The range of solutions can go from a branded small portable device to a big mobile out-door systems for stages and stadiums.

The production of quality content is crucial to getting a good holographic effect. Contactum can train their own customers and partners until they become self-sufficient/ autonomous as well as make movies internally on demand.